Qlip, Share, Market ...

A podcast marketing platform and service

Podcast Coming Attractions

Create short qlips for marketing. Available Full-service or DIY.

Quick and Easy

Simple podcast clipping service (Full-service or DIY)

Single Platform

A single online/mobile platform to clip, organize, index, and share podcast clips


User defined backlinks driving full episode experience on customer site


Keyword/customizable searchability guide on customer site


Control over your content and where it goes


Make your podcasts discoverable by the search engines

Be your own podcast network with Qlipcast.

All In One Place

Control over your clips, where they go, and reports on how they're performing

Qlips Management System

With Qlipcast you can view all your qlips in one location. There's no need to dig up old hard drives or passwords.

Review and Comment

See a qlip that just isn't right, you can leave a comment on each qlip and we will make the right adjustments that you need.

We work on all social media platforms

You can share your Qlips with your audience. From Facebook to Twitter and just about everywhere else.

Podcast Marketing 2.0